Artifical Muscle Produces Ocean Power

Artifical Muscle Produces Ocean Power

Sri_epam_buoySRI International has announced the deployment of a prototype buoy-mounted, ocean wave-powered generator off the coast of Florida in the Tampa Bay. The electroactive polymer artificial muscle (EPAM) technology is used to produce electricity as they bob up and down attached to buoys. The deployment is part of a program sponsored by HYPER DRIVE Corporation, Ltd., a Japanese company focused on development and deployment of wave-powered generators around the world.


The wave-powered generators can be deployed on existing ocean buoys that use batteries as their energy source. The new generator utilizes patented electroactive polymer artificial muscle (EPAM) technology, and offers a renewable method to continually power ocean buoys. The bouys will be equipped with instrumentation that allows remote monitoring of the generators output energy as well as wave height and buoy motion.  SRI is working with Artificial Muscle, Inc., an SRI spin-off company and the exclusive licensee of EPAM, in the development of the EPAM components for the wave-powered generators.

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  1. Seria também óptimo que não desperdiçassem a energia das correntes, vento e solar circundante.

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