Biodiesel Rental Cars from Bio-Beetle


Would you believe there exists a company that offers rental cars which are entirely powered by biodiesel? In support of their mission statement to be the “greenest” and “best” rental car company on the planet, Bio-Beetle Eco Rental Cars began their environmentally conscious business endeavor in 2003 with only a single car. The company was not, and still isn’t, supported by a major car manufacturer. Powered by biodiesel, each Bio-Beetle has been purchased and developed individually by the founders as funds allow. The founders of Bio-Beetle believed their business venture was a great way to demonstrate environmental consciousness and have, therefore, slowly built the foundation for the only rental car company of its kind available.

For the unacquainted, biodiesel is a clean-burning fuel that is made from 100% renewable sources. It can be used in place of standard diesel fuel as well, which as we know is made from fossil fuels and is nonrenewable. In reality, most items that call for regular diesel fuel, such as vehicles and generators, can utilize this environmentally friendly alternative. In the case of Bio-Beetle, the company utilizes 100% vegetable-oil-based biodiesel. In fact, most of the biodiesel is actually made from used cooking oil.

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